You’re living within your means. You’ve got a budget. You’ve got hopes and dreams and plans for your money. And yet...

Are money stresses keeping you up at night?

Are you constantly worried about the future?

Are you fighting about money with your partner?

If you have a love/hate relationship with money - you’re not alone.

Money touches all aspects of our lives.

Yet so many of us are in a complicated relationship with money.

Let’s change that. 

Imagine if you could:

  • Feel good about how you spend
  • Feel more secure about the future
  • Feel in tune with your partner about money
  • Feel more content at work
  • Feel confident you’re earning what you’re worth

Money Groove is designed to help you ditch the financial baggage, take back control and change your relationship with money.

You deserve financial peace of mind.

That feeling of financial lightness, knowing that you’re in tune with your money and living the best life you can.


🔥 3 emails a week over 3 weeks

🔥 PDF worksheet / cheat sheet with each lesson

🔥 Lifetime access to future course updates

Money Groove is a short & sweet 3-week email course: a dash of money therapy, peppered with quick, practical steps to help you find your own financial groove.

Because you don’t need more spreadsheets. You need ways to deal with the messy mental stuff that’s holding you back.

You’ll get:

✔️ Tips, prompts, and exercises for getting unstuck and dealing with the gnarly stuff like fears, regrets and guilt

✔️ Strategies to stop obsessing aimlessly about money and start taking steps that move you forward

It’s about finding balance in what you do with it, in making it, and in how you think about it. So you can finally make peace with your money, no matter where you’re at. 


Your relationship with money - spending, letting go of regrets and dealing with fears

Finding more happiness in your budget

How to make a spending plan that makes you smile

Getting past the past

How to let go of mistakes

Mastering your money fears

How to face the future front on


Sharing money - getting on the same page, and ensuring you don’t get taken advantage of

The magic of money dates

How to set up money dates that work

Getting on the same page

How to talk money and get aligned

Putting yourself first

How to spot financial vampires


Making money - job satisfaction and earning what you’re worth

Finding more joy at work

How to figure out what’s working and what’s not

Taking it to the next level

How to stop underearning and earn your worth

Clearing the cobwebs

How to blast through your money blocks 

Get your money groove back!

Stop hating money and find more happiness in how you're spending, earning, and sharing.

Love your money and it will love you back

Hey, I’m Esther and I’ve had my fair share of money regrets. Struggled with making, spending and sharing it in ways that made me happy. Learning how to find a healthy balance and make peace with it has been a long road!

But through dating (and marrying) my financial opposite, doubling my income (without selling my soul) and aligning my spending with my priorities, I eventually found my money groove - and I want the same for you.

It's your time to make peace with money.

Learn to love your money and make it work for you.

So if you want more:

  • More happiness in your budget

  • To be more of a team about money with your partner

  • A more balanced, healthy relationship with money

It’s time to take the next step to getting more out of your money.

Money Groove isn’t for everyone.

It won’t be right for people who:

Think money is all about the numbers

No spreadsheets in sight here. This is about the personal side of personal finance. There will be talk about feelings, and how these affect how you deal with money.

Want the nitty-gritty of budgeting and money management systems

This is not a budgeting course. If you need guidance through creating a spending and savings plan, there are lots of great options out there.

If, after completing the course, you find that it wasn’t your jam - you can request a full refund, no questions asked.

Money Groove isn’t about cutting back on coffees or clipping coupons.

It’s about the next level stuff. The questions that keep you up at night.

Will we ever see eye to eye on money? Will I ever make more (without sacrificing my soul)? Will I ever have enough to stop worrying?

If you’re ready to:

... stop hating money

... stop struggling with money

... stop fighting about money

and start living your best financial life?

Step right this way.